Why Mosaic?

Why Mosaic? Mosaic artworks are always, colorful, vibrant, yet they are made up of little broken pieces, imperfect fragments by themselves. When put together with careful and loving considerations, it becomes a beautiful work of art. Like the pieces of Mosaic, each of us accentuates one small part of humanity and beauty, and together, we are part of a magnificent community.

What is Mosaic Community Studio?

Mosaic Community Studio is about two things: Community and expression.

At Mosaic when people and entire communities come together we let the empowering/ imparting/ sharing begin! Whether it's addressing personal needs, interests, culture, social concerns, or exploring opportunities for a changing world – this is a place of inspiration and expression.

  • Students and Children Students and children are our passion. Today's youths, as future country leaders, yearn to have a fulfilling role in society and their communities, and we want to give them that opportunity.

  • Community Community is our concern. As we become more and more urbanized and connected by technology, we also realize as humans we have basic needs to be in a community and to have a mission in our lives. From family and social issues to environmental issues, we are now experiencing a shift of views in our communities – we are no longer individualistic people, but we need to engage in all these concerns together.

  • Humanity If there's anything humanity needs – is genuine love towards all creation. Student and children are our passion. Love is our core.

  • ["Personal change is not just about helping myself, but how I can help others." – Youth Asia SEAChange Report for Youth Engagement Summit Asia 2009]
    ["Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi]

Who are these People?

The Mosaic Team

  • Chris Leong is a community leader in ANC (see below), having an expansive experience in family and marriage counseling, including being a licensed and certified counselor the government's SMARTSTART Pre-Marriage Education program (LPPKN). He is passionate about empowering young leaders – locally and internationally. Chris loves travelling! In his younger days when he had a Jimi Hendrix mop, he has zoomed across states on his motorcycle! Now his passion has brought him to many countries and expanded his network of like-minded leaders.

  • Yoke Kheng has worked with children and youth of all ages in her ministry. She teaches and mentors young people from a holistic approach that helps those she teaches have 'heart knowledge', instead of just 'head knowledge', which makes her a dynamic leader indeed. Yoke Kheng loves to be around friends in a round of karaoke, movie and good food, and intense board games!

Our volunteers are friends whom we have 'brainwashed' into the vision of Mosaic to lovingly give their time and passion to run Mosaic and events. If you like what we're doing and are interested to volunteer, contact us. Criteria: loves hanging out, loves meeting people.

Antioch Network Community (ANC)
One of the faith statements of the Church of Christ is to "love others as yourselves." As part of the community and residents of Bandar Utama, ANC wants to bless the community and help students get empowered, inspired. With this ANC provides financial support to the existence and operation of Mosaic Community Studio. Also, having been around for more than 15 years, ANC has a wealth of experience in empowering families, students and individuals.

We have been privileged to partner with various individuals and organizations and societies; people who share a 'give-back attitude'. Check out our events to see what are some of the partnerships.
See our list of Events


Is MCS open for everyone to use? Are the services/ events free for admission?

The Den is free for all to use, within the stipulated hours.

For booking of other spaces in Mosaic, see spaces. Most of our events are made available free to the community unless stated otherwise.

Is MCS a non-profit organization, how do we sustain the studio?

MCS is funded by ANC and the work here is largely sustained by volunteers from the community from the church and residents of Bandar Utama.

Is this a Christian organization?

We do our best to live honorably towards God, but Mosaic is not a Christian organization. The word Christian is a noun and not an adjective, describing a person, not a company or a product. Part of our mission is to infuse a lifestyle of post-modern living with values that correlates with our social and environmental sphere.