Our Spaces

Technology is great! But we believe in the value of face to face community interaction – whether it's a seminar, a live music performance, a student meeting or a casual gathering of friends, you will find our studio a great place to hang out. We give priority to community and student events. To find out how you can use our place for your own events or meetings, contact us.


A mini-auditorium where talks, seminars, workshops, drama and music performances, screenings takes place. The off-stage area also doubles up as exhibitory space. Seats 100 – 130 persons.


Activity rooms for small sessions, meetings, and children activities for 15-25 pax. Can be converted into a workroom for special student projects/ meetings.


Students or the public are welcomed to use the Den for study, small group meetings or just to chill. With ample power sockets and high speed wireless internet, and self-serve drinks, the den is a student's dream hangout.

The Den is open every day of the week, except on public holidays (We take holidays! You should too!) and when it's closed for private events: Sunday to Fridays 7pm – 10.30pm Saturdays 11am to 10.30pm